‘Re-energising’ Diversity & Equality

Went to a Departmental training day on this on Wednesday, and came away not quite sure what I thought of it all. We were – I think – working on working with things like values, spending a good part of the day on the stuff that happens under the surface of the organisation.

There were some striking individual components within the session, for example

  • the Disability Alliance(?) DVD which neatlyturned the tables on an able-bodied young man;

  • the ‘Baron & Baroness’ fairy tale & decision-making game;

  • the Morris Massey values material.

But if you followed the logic of this latter material, well the people who work here are all over 21 (more or less) so their value systems will be more or less fixed, and the only suggested approach to really changing these is to provide the experience of some sort of ‘significant emotional event’. Along with the obvious ones like death & divorce, or the birth of a child (none of which is really in the gift of an organisation like ours) the training material also suggested that an SEE could also be ‘something that really strikes a chord, such as a training course’. Hmmmn…

Indeed the DVD did I think approach this – the quality of the silence that followed it gave an indication of that. But maybe we somehow bottled out after that. Anyway, we ended up with more of the same old same old, really, discussing action plans, impact assessments, & the like.

Of course, rather than re-energising as in moving on to the next level of endeavour, we could have been re-energising ourselves to do what we should have done already – like draft Impact Assessments, Equality Schemes, etc. etc.

 Who knows.


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