links for 2010-06-15

  • "A new report by Plum for Ofcom looks at “Assisted Living Technologies for Older and Disabled People in 2030”"
    This summary blog post also identifies a major weakness in the Report – no owners are identified for the recommendations – who'll drive its points forward? Still, worth a look for the scenarios posited, at least
  • "This new way of working gives individuals immediate cash, all sorts of skills and a verified CV of successful short bookings. Employers get an ultra-flexible, motivated, pool of top-up workers who can be booked at short notice. They can be economically trained."
    I'm really not sure what I think of this – it seems reminiscent of the dire casual labour practices of the late 19th & early 20th centuries. But the information architecture may repay study – could it live ethically alongside a time-bank?
  • "Tyze provides secure, online personal networks of support that result in better health outcomes and full lives for people experiencing life challenges.
    Tyze creates personal, private, secure, online networks that strengthen relationships and address isolation. Our primary beneficiaries are people with disabilities, seniors and people experiencing life challenges, as well as the agencies, businesses, and governments who provide support for them.
    Tyze networks are networks with a purpose. They are created around a specific person and a specific situation. A network could centre on a senior who has suffered a stroke, so that his caregivers and a larger circle of friends can be invited to support his desire for greater independence. Or a network might centre on a young adult with an intellectual disability, so that her friends & family can stay in touch & provide support, even if they live far away."
  • "Sidekick Studios [a social innovation company] was set up for one very simple reason – to use the internet in creative ways to redesign public services and make society better."

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