links for 2010-08-09

  • "If you were designing a disease treatment system from scratch, bringing together clinicians, patients, researchers, and advocates, what platform would you use to take advantage of the community created by this umbrella group? This isn’t just some health geek SimCity exercise. I was actually asked that question recently, by people who have lined up the funding and the stakeholders to create a significant new cancer organization in the Netherlands. As I did my best to serve up relevant insights from my research, I kept wishing I could just replay the Patients and Online Communities panel at Health 2.0 Paris. And now I can" (video presentation)
  • "The Health Equality Library Portal is NHS North West's central repository for up-to-date equality and diversity information. Its purpose is to: support the production of effective equality impact assessments of all strategies, policies, plans or activities; support PCTs in achieving World Class Commissioning competency five: manage knowledge and assess needs; identify knowledge and evidence gaps; share best practice and policy material and prevent unnecessary duplication of effort; support equality and diversity leads in their roles."

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