links for 2011-05-28

  • "Instead of resembling outmoded PCs, home-health-care technology should look and feel like the other devices that surround us."
  • useful hub for the PCC agenda, project & programmes etc.
  • 2001 article: "This present study sought data that could evidence improvements in care services for people with learning disabilities. The investigation tested whether desired outcomes of clients were improved when a person-centred care model was used. The data generated in this study showed that the implementation of a person-centred care model did result in some improvement. For example, evidence was gathered which showed that staff were being more respectful to clients and that there were improved opportunities for people to make everyday choices. Despite gains achieved through the implementation of the person-centred model, little progress was made in involving people in planning their care on a power-sharing basis. This may have been due to the study having focused mainly upon nursing practice, whereas person-centred planning needs to be multi-disciplinary. …"
  • the 3 core Quality Ambitions in the NHS Quality Strategy
  • "Social Services Research Group Scotland held an event in June at CoSLA HQ in Edinburgh – ‘Person-Centred Care: the effective use and dissemination of Knowledge’ (you can see the flyer here. I was at the event, which provided an interested range of underpinning research and practice examples, both from Scotland and England."
  • "Welcome to the Scottish Government’s Self-Directed Support (SDS) website. This is a one-stop-shop for information about Self-Directed Support for service-users and health and social support professionals alike. Here you'll find guidance on Self-Directed Support, useful links and an FAQ section for new and existing users and professionals."
  • "This site is about educating and advocating for Person Centered Care. It is about inspiring those who work with and care for persons living and dying with dementia, to choose Person Centered Care as the standard of practice for all residents and staff in Idaho's care settings"
  • "The Health Foundation is supporting an 18 month programme run by a collaboration between Newcastle and Cardiff Universities, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Cardiff and Vale Health Board.
    Called MAGIC (Making Good Decisions in Collaboration), the programme explores how shared decision making can be embedded into clinical practice as a core part of mainstream health services. The programme is designing and testing interventions to encourage the use of shared decision making. It began in August 2010 and runs until January 2012."
  • The Health Foundation "want to see three things:
    Standards of best practice in self management support and shared decision making need to be established and shared.The NHS must be incentivised and held to account through outcomes frameworks for the shift in culture required to put patients at the centre of health services.We strongly welcome the duty on the NHS Commissioning Board and the commissioning consortia to ‘promote the involvement of patients and their carers in decisions about the provision of health services to them’. But this should be given more prominence on the face of the Bill and be expanded upon, making direct reference to shared decision making and support for patients to manage their own care."
  • "For a profession that is often challenged with being conservative in its practice, the pace of change in medicine over the last 60 years has been astonishing. Whether in the form of new drugs, medical devices, new diagnostic techniques or the capacity to perform seemingly impossible surgery, doctors continually need to embrace innovations and these innovations soon become part of routine care.
    In view of this, it will be interesting to see how quickly the profession embraces another potential innovation: shared decision making, a philosophy and approach to care built on the premise that patients should play an active role in making decisions about their treatment choices and bring their own expert knowledge (about what matters most to them) to the consulting room. Recent articles in the BMJ (‘Supporting patients to make the best decisions’ and ‘Welcome to the century of the patient’) show that shared decision making is shown to be effective against a range of outcome measures."

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