links for 2011-07-26

  • "Over the past few weeks we've been developing ideas, commenting and voting on suggestions over here for Our Society as a network, and also Our Society on the ground – thanks everyone who contributed so creatively. Here's my previous post summarising the process.With the help of Drew Mackie, who specialises in network mapping, I've now developed a graphical display of how the ideas can be clustered. It is slightly arbitrary, because I drew the lines connecting the ideas, and the software followed through (under Drew's direction). They could have been mapped another way – and if you want to have a go the free software is here, and I have attached the datafile below, together with outputs saved as pdfs."
  • "This training introduces the concept of building personal networks, which is a foundation for helping individuals become cognizant about how the relationships they develop through their work in various communities is also building a potentially lifelong network"
  • "I’m often asked at parties what individuals must do to engage in personal co-creation. It recently dawned on me that I only knew how to describe co-creation from the organization’s standpoint, producing quizzical looks from my relatives and friends who are not in the business world. After all, it is a lot easier for a consultant to generate fees from a large organization hiring you to make more money, than it is to sell co-creation one individual at a time. So let me pick up the gauntlet, try my best incarnation of Wayne Dyer or Steven Covey, and tell you how to get on the road to co-creation in six easy steps."
  • "Net-Map is an interview-based mapping tool that helps people understand, visualize, discuss, and improve situations in which many different actors influence outcomes "

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