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transactional analysis & social networking in business organisations

Listened in to a session on types of organisation and feasible social networking forms in these contexts, at the barcamp on Saturday. The message was rather a bleak one, if your own hope was that organisations will sooner rather than later take to SNS-related behaviour.

For example, I asked about the potential for developing support for social networking on the basis that, one week, you might look kindly on a request for advice/assistance with a problem someone else was facing, if you knew that you in turn could ask the network for help next week. But the view was that no project manager would entertain such a request in the first place unless it resulted in bottom line gain for his current project, because that’s what he’d be judged on.

I found this a bit depressing, partly because it’s not the basis I work upon (maybe I just need to be grateful I don’t work in that sort of organisation). But also because it seems not to give any credence or value to the sort of trade in small favours that it’s very hard to imagine not existing in any organisation. Can any organisation survive without allowing for this trade, I wonder. Without it, how does any one build up a network??

Perhaps one just has to be pretty granular about the size of transactions across enterprise (organisational) networks. Of course, you can’t run a project if loads of time is being spent doing favours for others (though constructs for managing this sort of trade are not entirely unavailable), but it’s hard to think of cutting it out entirely.

‘Transactional Analysis’? (well perhaps not quite – but it somehow fitted into the title of the post…;-)


Changing the Frame of Reference

a.k.a today’s wild-eyed idea. Well, not today’s, the end of last week’s, really.

Talking recently with a colleague and friend, she was unhappy about the lack of secure email between health and social care domains. I responded with the thought that a useful experiment had been sucessfully undertaken linking selected Scottish GPs with the DWP, over assessments for Incapacity(?) Benefit, using structured messaging within SCI Gateway, and secure email once the message had gone beyond NHSNet (I think). [Subsequently I found out that this successful experiment had had to be mothballed through delays in agreeing the necessary shared financial support, between partner agencies. Business as usual in joint-working then…]

But thinking about this as I was walking the dog, later, I wondered whether shared document access might have any mileage as a possible alternative to (email) messaging. I’ve used Google docs a bit so that conceptual structure (secure document – well, reasonably secure as in ‘hidden in a haystack’ – with controlled access list, for the care team) might fit quite well, I thought.

And lo & behold the next day I stumbled across a post suggesting almost precisely that, in the context of front-ending google docs with a web form. Many thanks to Liz Henry and her network for the research…and one of those ‘so it’s not just me who’s a lunatic’ moments.

Of course, actually trying this out with personal data might be another matter. It would more or less certainly make our security folk have a fit of the heeby-jeebies…or do I do them an injustice?

Then I remembered that one of our data-sharing partnerships not very far away (as I look out of the window) has been actively thinking about something very similar (though probably not with the same tools) for shared Children’s Assessments. Just as sensitive, though in a different way, as Mental Welfare Reports.


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