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Car Sharing schemes locally

I’ve just spent a little while searching for these, in the cause of nudging a Climate Change Group at work in that direction (i.e. join in what’s there rather than start from scratch), and thought I might relay the information here:

All these schemes (see below) just involve the individual registering – as far as I can see no need to download an application & host it or anything like that. In contrast to any group starting these schemes probably have a pre-existing user population with whom we can join in & colonise. 

With any of these the important thing for any work group or similar community will be to get to critical mass. So if idividuals all go off in different directions and register on the basis that we like the colour scheme, or something else, we’re (statistically?) less likely to be able to give or receive lists…aren’t we?

Some schemes to maybe check out (simply in the order they came up in Google under ‘”Car Sharing”+scheme+Edinburgh’)

 Maybe check too: 

 Not quite the same thing but surely relevant:

 Other things spotted ‘en route’ (ho hum):

  •  A SESTRANS Press release about a new scheme, which also informs that we missed a ‘National Liftshare day’ last month (09th./06).  Also to note: NHS Lothian using this, with an incentive for drivers sponsored by KwikFit
  • BBC item on a survey of Edinburgh Business Park users (hey, isn’t that us?) which suggested that 40% drivers said they’d share – haven’t found a site for access to the scheme this mentions yet, but surely worth following up (why keep a dog & bark yourself?)

Of course there are a number of factors to mull over in the collective decision over which scheme(s) to participate in. These might include:.

  • ease of sign-up?
  • Ease of search for other parties
  • Impressions of catchment areas – where do users generally want to go to/come from?
  • Other aspects (e.g. incentives available)

Surely there are others (schemes, factors). Suggestions welcomed…


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