This is a bit like the recurrent Fast Show snippet where he (who?) emerges from (surely?) a privy and announces that “this week I am thinking about….X”.

In no order of priority or size or anything, here’s a list (as at 31st. May ’07). And updated (19th. Nov ’07):

  • helping develop a prospectus for a project to develop an e-learning module for basic ‘Child Protection induction’. Update (Nov) – now morphed into a project for engaging with what localities are up to and attempting to ‘co-ordinate via influence'(!) Not the right time to attempt a galvanic initiative from the ‘Centre’…

  • helping two pioneers get started with a sub-community in the Child Protection ‘Shared Space’. (Nov) Update – still helping

  • and generally feeding and watering the Shared Space; (Nov) Update: yep, still plenty of gardening going on.

  • helping others develop the scope of the ‘editorial role’ in re the training materials in the Shared Space; (Nov) Update: working with delightful colleagues in Barnardos on this, courtesy of some sponsorship from the SG, for the remainder of the 07/08 financial year. Deliverables to appear in the Shared Space.

  • thinking about CP Terms, to be used to drive canned queries on the several thousand NHS e-library resources labelled ‘Child Protection’. (Nov) Update: on hold while thoughts develop nearby about a Social Care interface with the NHS e-Library, also the whole Shared Space interface.

  • and how this might be linked with SIESWE’s Child Protection special collection;

  • talking with interested bods about how (on earth) a generic Social Care Induction e-learning module might be collated. (Nov) Update: Scottish Social Care Council (SSSC) now envisage runing a wee pilot on this, if resources allow, next financial year.

  • helping shape ideas for the scope of a potential eHealth theme on ‘public involvement’ (with eHealth). (Nov) Update: circling quietly around this one. High heid yins probably expecting it to progress already, but chief actors (I’m a spear-carrier) still pre-occupied elsewhere. Though a communications strategy for eHealth seems to have been green-lit. 

  • working up ideas for the broader use of scenarios as learning and concept development tools, in inter-agency settings; (Nov) Update: hmmmn…another speculative proposal that those concerned are just too busy to take on for now.

  • striving to write something coherent (and lasting in that it is planned to appear in that quaint technology, a book!) on talking to children and young people about how their personal information is handled in the public sector setting. Current title is ‘can parallel universes link?‘ (yes, I’ll explain later). [Update: see talking-with-children-and-citizens-about-handling-their-personal-information-v8.doc ]. (Nov) Update: When last heard of, galley proofs were awaited. This is a bit like a courtly dance in the days of Real Tennis, or something ;-))

  • gently exploring ideas on what supportive constructs would be necessary, and if so how would they be created, to help CP practitioners exchange support, advice, and more, across agency boundaries (moving from a subsistence to a trading economy, is one analogy I’ve used) (a LETS scheme, is another); (Nov) Update: proposals currently being considered by Child Protection Committees (the bodies that wil lneed to support these ideas in practice) across the country. See A draft Model for Child Protection Consultancy & Co-working 

  • helping colleagues locally embed the NHS Knowledge & Skills Framework within their annual appraisal and personal development practice. (Nov) Update: Sigh, still ongoing. Once upon a time, distance lent enchantment to the view of this. Closer to, it seems full of holes, and a thoroughly outdated view of the way people should work.

  • trying to help colleagues develop ‘an Equality & Diversity awareness’ within the eHealth Programme-to-be. (Nov) Update: still helping.

There’ll be more:

  • (Nov) Update – working on helping with the development of an e-Library Managed Knowledge Networks development group. Publication of Communities of Practice workbook (on a wiki); shared Del.ici.ous account for relevant links; and the like, just beginning to stir. Also the role of the MKN DG in the development of the Shared Space software programme.

And I’ll link to these topics bye & bye.


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