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  • "The service is aimed primarily at users with common mood disorders like anxiety and depression (although it has applications for people with other long term conditions) who have an active interest in recovery and self management. It seeks to increase levels of self-reflection through empowering web tools. Specifically, there is a SMS service that allows users to record their daily moods and their daily activities, and a web service which enables them to reflect on the relationship between the two. Planning tools, prompts, reminders, data visualisations and a social calendar further support the user on their road to recovery."
  • "Since 2009, IDEO has worked closely with the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, a nonprofit NGO, to address this pressing social challenge. During the first phase of the project, a San Francisco-based team identified the need for comprehensive birth control support. We looked at ways to transform birth control from a prescription (a piece of paper that is handed to you by a doctor) into a subscription (a program that ensures you start using birth control, use it correctly, and migrate to more effective methods)."
  • Childhood obesity and related illness. "The CDC wanted to try a new problem-solving approach. It tapped IDEO because our human-centered design methodology contrasted with the CDC’s traditional means of gathering and disseminating scientific data. The CDC believed that IDEO’s new perspective and innovative practices would help the adults who were running Project Carrot get inside tween minds — to understand their worlds, needs, and desires — in an inclusive and non-threatening way."
  • "Our Consumer Health and Wellness team focuses on projects related to a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, consumer goods, pharmacies, and retailers We work with manufacturers, retailers, policy-makers, and third-party providers to devise strategies and offerings that redefine their businesses, yet fit into the intricate ecosystem in which they operate."
  • "Nobody likes going to the hospital. The experience is at best unnerving, often frightening, and, for most of us, a potent symbol of mortality. What’s more, it’s very hard for the average patient to judge the quality of the “product” on the basis of direct evidence. You can’t try it on, you can’t return it if you don’t like it, and you need an advanced degree to understand it—yet it’s vitally important. And so, when we’re considering a doctor or a medical facility, most of us unconsciously turn detective, looking for evidence of competence, caring, and integrity—processing what we can see and understand to decipher what we cannot. The Mayo Clinic doesn’t leave the nature of that evidence to chance. By carefully managing a set of visual and experiential clues, Mayo tells a consistent and compelling story about its service to customers"
  • "The Lab A6 series from College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University presents a podcast on service design [M4A 21MB, 15min] featuring Shelley Evenson from the School of Design and CMU alum Maggie Breslin from the Mayo Clinic.
    The podcast covers some familiar “what is service design” ground but also delves into the service design course at CMU and the Advanced Medical Home project that Mayo and Continuum sponsored last year at the university. For more about the CMU project, I posted an interview with one of the students from the class earlier this year."
  • "RED has a distinctive design-led contribution to make to the ageing debate that is focused on older people not institutions. In the last 3 months RED has been spending time with, and talking to older people in their own homes, day centres, residential and nursing homes. We have come up with 10 starting points for new services that might better meet peoples’ needs and aspirations for later life."
  • "How Alzheimer100 worked Dott 07 asked service design firm thinkpublic, led by Deborah Szebeko, to work with Alzheimer’s Society branches throughout the North East to investigate the everyday problems experienced by Alzheimer’s patients and carers, and service providers. thinkpublic helped people record their experiences; they used film, diaries, interviewed one another, made prototypes, and drew. From these activities emerged a long list of common challenges faced by people during their journeys through dementia."
  • "Design and Sexual Health (DaSH) was a collaboration between Dott 07 and Gateshead Primary Care Trust, who worked together on design actions that would make sexual health screening and treatment services easier to access and use. The project aimed to develop a system where people would be seen by a local service within 48 hours of contact, and where the treatment path is clearly explained and suits the user’s needs. 
    The team began by conducting research to understand the daily lives of the people that policy-makers hope will use the service. They then explored ways that new facilities communications and procedures could improve the use and experience of the service. Their final task was to deliver a service design blueprint covering these hard and soft issues to the district’s Primary Care Trust."
  • "This conference seeks to explore the relationship between design, and health and wellbeing.  Good design can deliver widespread benefits to society but how can design practice and processes meet the challenges of health and wellbeing in the 21st Century?    Through this conference we aim to develop environments and propose creative strategies for future living in which people of all ages and abilities ‘not merely survive’ but are enabled and empowered to live with dignity, independence and fulfillment."

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